Welcome to our careers page

Habari Node is the leading Internet Services Provider in Northern Tanzania with a very big footprint in Arusha serving thousands in many corners of Tanzania. Many individuals, institutions, and organizations in Tanzania depend on us in order to run their activities and we take pride in serving them and being their enablers. We are passionate to enrich the lives of all our customers and the community by helping them become more connected and making them feel empowered to achieve their goals. We are determined to continue to make huge advances in communication industry and provide the best to our customers. It is always a challenge being the leading services provider and working in such a very dynamic, and fast growing market. We accept and take these challenges seriously.

We know there are many young talented Tanzanians out there who are equally enthusiastic to enrich the community and advance their careers. We will be honored to work with them to make the difference. In Habari we do not just hire, but also invest heavily in people’s talents and build a culture that makes us feel valued and empowered to get our job done and fulfill our personal goals. At Habari we value individual talents but our success is a result of working as a team. Thus we are always inclined in attracting, rewarding and retaining those who demonstrate the highest level of talents and team spirit. Join us today to make the difference and fulfill your career dreams. Send in your resume to careers@habari.co.tz