What is the procedure when I report a problem?
Generally the procedure is to contact our Customer Support desk using either phone (even SMS) or email. Upon receiving your notification, we will open up a ticket, determine the nature of the problem and forward it to the appropriate technician if it cannot be resolved immediately by the customer support staff attending you.

If a technician needs to visit you, we will call you back or write back to you (whichever is appropriate) notifying you when a technician will be able to visit you.

When I need technical support can I call a technician directly on his / her mobile?

We strongly discourage clients from calling technicians directly on their mobile numbers. We prefer you call our customer support desk instead and we will arrange for a technician to visit you soon. Calls made directly to technicians in many cases are not logged (no ticket is opened) and in this case it is difficult for us to keep track of client issues. Also calling technicians directly disrupts their concentration and work schedule. Imagine having 5, 10, 20 clients calling a technician directly in a day would be. Definitely chaotic!

When I report a problem how long should I expect it to be resolved?

Generally we endeavor to resolve most connectivity problems within 8 work hours from the time they were reported. In some occasions, we might take more time if dealing with intermittent problems, problems with a complex nature, or problems caused by our upstream providers.

When you report a problem or when we inform you of a problem we will usually attempt to give you an idea of how long it will take to resolve it.

Why do you ask me to turn OFF/ON my radio/modem /router?

Many electronic communication equipments tend to either malfunction or simply cease to work because of being ON for a long time. Simple solution is to recycle power. But if after recycling power you still notice connectivity problems, then let us know because the problem could be somewhere else.

Can you help us find a problem within our office LAN?

Yes we can help you find a problem within your office network. We may either offer you the service free of charge or will charge you on an hourly basis depending on the nature of the task.