I am a new client and I would like to know which bandwidth level will be enough for me.

We have different service plans. If the connection is for your home use or small office, we recommend that you start with a low service plan (like Habari Starter or Habari Lite) and assess it for for some time then gradually upgrade to a higher level.

How do you manage bandwidth? / How do your subscription service plans work?

Our Internet packages are grouped in two broad categories: -

Habari Plus and Habari Enterprise.

  • Habari Plus:

    Habari Plus is a combination of volume based service and unlimited Internet service. Habari Plus offers you speeds (bandwidth as indicated here) of 1.5 Mbps to 2.0 Mbps depending on the Service Plan you choose. The service plans are metered by volume (ranging from 14GB to 103 GB per month, and 500MB to 3500MB per day). When your volume is available (not fully consumed), we guarantee you speeds (bandwidth) as indicated in row 3. Once the daily or monthly volume is finished, the service will NOT disconnect but the speed will be lowered to the unlimited service rates (row 6).
    For example, if you are subscribing for Habari Starter then you will get a volume package of 14GB per month and 500MB per day and we will guarantee you bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps. Now let’s assume its 3pm and you have managed to finish your daily volume of 500MB. So what happens? Your speed will be lowered from 1.5 Mbps to 64Kbps from that time till the end of the day (12:00pm). Then the next day (12:01am) another volume package of 500MB will be activated and your bandwidth of 1.5Mbps will be restored. The same principle applies to the monthly volume package. If you finish your monthly volume, for example on the 27th day of the month, your speed will be lowered to 64Kbps until the first day of the next month.
    This service category is very rewarding to a user when you can fit your usage into the volume package of the service plan you are subscribing.

  • Habari Enterprise

    Habari Enterprise offers you unlimited Internet Service at the speed that you select (first column). The service does not have volume caps and we guarantee you will get the same constant speed throughout the day / month. We can offer anything as low as 64/64 Kbps to above 10, 20, 30, 50 Mbps all depending on your needs.

    How do I access my usage graphs?
    If you need to access your usage graphs please contact us and we will provide you with a username and password to access the graphs. Once you receive the credentials, go to our and click ‘Net Traffic’ then enter the credentials (take note both username and password are case sensitive), the date you prefer to begin to view the graphs (must be a past date or today and MM/DD/YY date format) and the number of days then press ‘Get graph’. Wait for a moment while the graphs are being compiled and presented to your browser.

    I have accessed my usage graphs but I do not know how to interpret the graphs.
    The most important graph to understand is the upper graph. The X-axis represents time (hour or day). The Y-axis represents level of bandwidth usage at a particular time either in bits per second, Kilobits per second, or Megabits per second.
    The blue graph represents outgoing traffic (traffic from you to the outside world) and the green graph represents incoming traffic (traffic from the outside world to you).

    About the numbers below the graphs:
    • Total represents the total volume you have transmitted (blue) and received (green) during the period queried.
    • High represents the highest speed reached during the period in question. Blue – upload / Green – download
    • Avg represents the average speed during the period queried. Blue – upload / Green download.

    I am attempting to access my usage graphs but the link is not working or the graphs are blank. Why is this happening?
    Once in a while we have to turnoff some or all features of our bandwidth manager, which generates the graphs, for maintenance. During this period the link to your usage graphs might not be functional or you find the graphs to be blank. In this case attempt to access the graphs at a later time.

    Can Habari limit bandwidth usage of individual users inside my LAN?
    No we cannot unless we install a bandwidth management appliance in your LAN.