Data and Internet

Habari Node Limited provides standard ISP services coupled with strong, unique technical and customer support. We blend personalized service with best practices and innovative technology to give our clients a unique partnership experience that provides them solutions based on their specific business needs and requirements. We provide DSL, wireless and fiber Internet connections.

ADSL Internet Access

Our DSL service network is designed to support the typical user who frequently downloads large amounts of data from Web sites and P2P networks but uploads relatively less often. The service does not require you to dial-up to the Internet and therefore it offers you a dedicated (always ‘on’) link to the Internet. The service is more suitable to Small and Medium sized business Offices and Home offices.

Habari owns its entire DSL cable network and therefore you can expect high performance and reliability from it. We are able to provide ADSL service to qualifying locations across Arusha. See if your residence or business location is covered

Fixed Wireless Internet Access

We maintain a highly robust wireless network with very high throughputs and very low latency and yet at affordable startup cost. This solution is ideal for all users from Corporates, SMB’s to Home users.

We have the widest wireless network coverage in Arusha and you should therefore expect us to reach and serve you better than any other service provider.

Fiber Internet Access

Fiber technology provides unlimited bandwidth capabilities and offers today's fastest high-speed data connectivity. Today, Habari is one of the very few privately owned ISP’s in Tanzania that can offer businesses and home users direct Fiber connectivity at an affordable and relative cheaper cost. We bolster over 30 Km of metro fiber in Arusha and with plans to cover more areas.